Record internet radio

There are thousands of Internet radio stations out there, but some of you probably can’t listen to them as much as you’d like because you don’t always have an Internet connection or can’t spare the mobile bandwidth. Thanks to an app like RadioSure you can record the online radio stations and take them with you offline.

The process is pretty simple. Fire up RadioSure, find the station you want to record in the 17k+ it has available, and hit the record button. It will immediately start recording the songs and storing them in your music folder. If you let this run overnight you’ll wake up to a lot of music that is ready for you to throw on your portable music player.

The problem you may run into on some of the radio stations is that they switch the track name a few seconds before the track actually starts playing. By doing this they are trying to thwart the people who build up their music library simply by recording the station. If you are just doing this so that you have something to listen to offline then there is a setting in RadioSure that prevents it from splitting the audio by track. With that turned off you’ll end up with one large audio file, but at least you won’t be missing bits and pieces of songs.

Even if you just want to use this app to stream music on your computer I’d say its minimalist interface makes it perfect for that. Plus it can optionally show the title of the song that’s playing in the System Tray whenever RadioSure changes tracks.

RadioSure Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)