Record pandora songs

I’ve been getting into Pandora a lot lately, and it’s largely because I hate taking the time to assemble my own playlists. I want something to do that for me, and Pandora is the perfect solution. Of course some people get annoyed that they can’t replay a song they hear when listening to Pandora, and even though that doesn’t seem to bother me I happened to stumble across an app the other day that provides a solution to that.

PandoraJam is a Mac app that will let you record songs while listening to your Pandora radio. As you can see in the settings pictured above it also has a lot of intelligence in how it records by ignoring songs you skip or ones already found in your iTunes library. If you have a paid Pandora One account the recordings are done at a 192Kbps bitrate, while free accounts are done at 64Kbps. Here’s a summary of the other features included in PandoraJam:

  • Stream music wirelessly to a sound system (requires Airport Express)
  • Record music for iPod or iPhone playback
  • Apple Remote support
  • Tag recordings with album artwork
  • Submit songs to (known as Audioscrobbling)
  • Native, Cocoa application.
  • Growl notifications
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Instant Messaging status updates (Adium, iChat, Skype)
  • Twitter support

So what’s the catch? There are both free and paid versions ($15) of PandoraJam available. The free version stops recording every few songs and displays a nag screen, but you can start recording again after that for another few songs. If you want a quick way to build up your music library I’d say just drop the $15 and let the app record all day long.

PandoraJam Homepage (Mac only; Free/Paid versions)