reddit snapshot.jpg

I’m a pretty big fan of Reddit, and a lot of that is because of the awesome community behind it. Well, okay, it also has something to do with the hilarious images that are posted, but still, the community rocks. There’s been times I haven’t been able to check it for days (*gasp*), and when I jump back in I feel like I missed a bunch of good stories.

Thanks to Reddit Snapshot that is no longer a problem. Since mid-September 2010 it has been taking hourly snapshots of the Reddit homepage. To be honest I’ve been flipping through this archive, and I’ve been coming across a lot of stories/images I don’t remember seeing (particularly those back in September). It can provide hours of enjoyment for any Reddit fan.

I’m curious to see how long they end up keeping the archives around because at some point that top bar is going to get pretty cramped. Years from now it could be pretty fun to come back to this to see what was popular on Reddit at this time.

Reddit Snapshot [via Reddit]