We have covered all kinds of bulk file renaming tools here, but the free RegexRenamer is one of my new favorites. As you can see in the screenshot above it has a very clean interface, but that is largely because it relies on you understanding how regular expressions (a.k.a. regex) work. I’m confident that you’ll enjoy this little tool as much as I do if you’ve used regular expressions enough to know how to form them.

Can’t remember all the regex syntax? No problem. Hold down the Shift key and right-click anywhere in the “Match” or “Replace” boxes. You’ll then be prompted with a menu that can be used to get some of the syntax you may have otherwise forgotten.

The one thing that everyone always asks about these file renamers… “does it show live previews of what the output will be?” Yes, it does. As you adjust any of the renaming fields the preview column will update accordingly. Aside from that it also includes a bunch of other features:

  • Realtime regex validation, filename preview, conflict detection
  • File filtering by glob or regex (operate on a subset of files in a directory)
  • Flexible case-changing (change entire filename, or just the section matched by a regex)
  • Customizable sequential numbering (set start, padding, interval, reset)
  • Rename files in place, move & rename, copy & rename, backup before renaming
  • Support for network drives & network paths, renaming folders
  • Options to preserve file extension (only operate on filename), show/hide hidden files
  • Rename into subfolders (replace “file.txt” with “subdir\file.txt”)
  • Complete documentation including examples, regex tutorial & quick reference guide

RegexRenamer Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)