Register For ReplayTV Beta By Wednesday

It was back in December when we found out that the ReplayTV was going to switch from set-top boxes to the PC. This news shocked everyone but now they are looking for Beta testers. If you are interested in participating in the Beta program then you need to fill out a 40-question survey before Wednesday (tomorrow). They do have some requirements for those people looking to test:

Beta Tester Requirements: Those selected to test will be required to:
  • Start testing the end of June 2006
  • Sign the ReplayTV Beta Agreement
  • Participate in online beta forums and answer weekly surveys
  • Provide data files or logs when requested
  • Download the beta releases at the tester website
  • Submit bug reports at the tester website
  • Complete specific testing tasks through September 2006

We will be tracking beta participation. Your ongoing participation is conditioned on meeting the testing obligations.

They really want to get feedback on the new software so this isn’t for just any casual tester. Also, by completing the survey you are not guaranteed that you will be selected as a tester.

Complete This Survey To Participate In The ReplayTV Beta Program
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