Firefox 2 RC2 has actually been released and can be downloaded from here.

Firefox Logo Mozilla has placed the second release candidate of Firefox 2 RC2 on their FTP. This is another confusing version because it should be called Firefox 2 RC2 RC2 so I tried to word it a little smoother.

The official testing day for this release candidate of Firefox 2 RC2 is tomorrow (Friday) and the scheduled release date is Tuesday, October 10. Everything seems to be running smoothly for me so they shouldn’t have any trouble making that date.

If you don’t feel like scouring through the FTP looking for your language you can use the downloader that I tweaked to work with the FTP:

It doesn’t appear that they have every language available but from what I counted but most of them should be there.

As far as changes go there isn’t anything visible since Firefox 2 RC1 was released. We are about a month away from the official release of Firefox 2 so most of the work will be fixing bugs to make sure there aren’t any major problems when it gets released. For the most part the visual changes are done, which is good because I like how everything looks.

The weekly updates also say that Thunderbird and Firefox will ship a little after Firefox 2 is released. At that point I would hope most people would want to upgrade to Firefox 2, but I am sure some people aren’t going to want the “bloat”.