Die-hard music fans are going to love what Relisir has to offer. Relisir is a fairly new start-up that offers users the chance to keep up with their favorite bands whether it’s when they announce a new album is on the way, or if a new album has been released.

What we like about Relisir:

  • It could initially take some time to manually enter all of your favorite artists which would make using this service a bit of a chore. However, if you use Last.fm, you can import your favorite artists which will simplify the whole process. Nice touch.
  • As you type in your favorite artists, a drop down list appears which again, helps speed up the process of getting started with Relisir.
  • Once you add your favorite artists, it’s like you’re on auto-pilate and Relisir goes to work for you, keeping you informed with no additional effort on your end. You don’t even need to return to the website (unless you want to), because all of the important info will be sent to your email inbox.


What we don’t like about Relisir:

  • Email is the main method of communication – Relisir relies heavily on email to let you know when your favorite artists have released anything new. Other communication options would be nice – perhaps an iPhone or Facebook app?
  • One one hand, it’s nice that Relisir focuses simply on helping you keep up with your favorite artists. However, it might be nice to see a “music discovery” feature as well. If it knows you like OneRepublic, for example, it could suggest other artists similar to it with new releases and give you the opportunity to listen to it
  • Someone who loves their music probably likes to see these artists live and in concert. It would great if they incorporated a tool to help you track when one of your favorite artists will be performing in your area and provide a link to purchase tickets.

MySpace used to be one of the key ways that music fans kept up with their favorite artists. These artists may still have pages, however, many people have moved away from MySpace and no longer use the service. If you’ve been hanging on to MySpace, simply for the purpose of keeping up with your favorite artists, Relisir might just be what you’re looking for.