It’s been a little over a year since we wrote about a site called Can Google Hear Me? As a refresher, the site was started by a guy on an adventure who used it to document his journey trying to get Google to hear his “great” idea. He got on a plane and headed to California so he could pitch his idea to the folks at Google, hoping they’d like it and bring him on to help make his dream a reality. People including myself and some of you, were following the story pretty closely to see how it would all pan out.

Fast forward to today when Jack of all Trades sent us a tip about a service that recently launched into beta called I went to check it out, scrolled down the page, and lo and behold there was the “” logo. As it turns out, this is the project that Aaron Stanton went and pitched to Google. Apparently Google didn’t see the value that Aaron did because they never brought him onboard. He finally launched the service on his own last week.

book lamp So what is Well, it’s described as “the Pandora” of books. Just like Pandora recommends music based upon your tastes, recommends books that are written with the similar tone, tense, perspective, action level, etc., as other books you’ve read and enjoyed. They created the service by coming up with a way to scan a book to determine the writing style of the author, which they say is arguably the most important way to determine if you’ll like a book or not.

This could potentially be an awesome service for book-lovers, however they only have 179 books in their database. If you haven’t read one of those books, you’re pretty much out of luck. At this point they’re trying to determine if there’s enough interest in the service to seek venture capital or partner with a company who already has a database of scanned books. While it sounds great, I’m doubtful they’ll be successful, and I’m usually one to be optimistic. The bottom line is that more people listen to music than read books which is partially why Pandora is such a hit. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the tip Jack of all Trades!