Do you remember the Google Image Labeler? It was released last September as a game for people to play, but in reality Google is using it to improve their image search results. Some people criticized Google calling it “free labor” while others thought it was a great way for Google to improve the results that you receive when you do a search on Google Images.

I had forgotten about this little game until today when I noticed an article that the Google Operating System blog had posted titled, “Google Image Labeler is More Exciting.” Apparently this system is still working out for Google, otherwise they wouldn’t continue to use it.

They’ve tweaked the point system just a bit so that users will get more points for a more descriptive answer. The game works by Google randomly (in real time) pairing you up with another user. Both of you will start entering in labels for images, and when you and your partner have matched labels, you’ll get points and move on to a new image.

Previously, each match gave you 100 points and it took no descriptive answers to get those points. Now the points will range from 50 for a simple generic answer to 150 points for a descriptive answer. Obviously those descriptive answers benefit Google more than a non-descriptive one.

FrigatebirdFor example, if you were given the picture to the right, you’d receive the following points:

  • Sky: 50 points
  • Bird: 60 points
  • Soaring: 120 points
  • Frigate bird: 150 points

If you knew that was a Frigate bird, I guess you deserve 150 points!

You don’t have to be logged-in to play, and if you’re really ambitious, you can try and pass up the all-time top contributor who has earned 10 million points! I’d say he’s got some time on his hands, wouldn’t you?

Play Google Image Labeler