Remember the Milk GearsIt’s only been a week since Google launched their open-source Gears project that can take online services into the offline world. They setup Google Reader to work with Gears, and it appears that it is starting to inspire other developers to do the same thing.

Remember the Milk (our review), an awesome task management site, decided to integrate with Google Gears so that users could manage their tasks whether they were online or offline. So what can you do with Remember the Milk (RTM) when it is offline?

Not only can you access your lists, but you can add new tasks and notes, edit existing tasks (complete, postpone, prioritize, tag, and change due dates to your heart’s content), use your own personal tasks search engine, create new Smart Lists, and more.

Of course, the joy of using Google Gears is that everything will immediately sync back up once you get back online. I’m getting really excited to see other sites pick up on the usefulness that Gears provides, but I just wish that it was a little simpler to get your stuff offline.

Remember the Milk GearsIf a lot of services start to use Google Gears, there needs to be some way to easily take all of your stuff offline at the same time. Maybe a System Tray icon, or something along those lines, that I can click on to take every service that I’m subscribed to in an offline state. After all, if I’m getting ready to take a long flight I wouldn’t want to sit there visiting 20 websites to take each of them offline, and then when I’m connected again I have to put all of them back online. That would be a huge chore.

I guess Google Gears is still in the development stage, so hopefully something like this will be implemented in the near future. An even better solution would be to constantly synchronize the online and offline content so that the services are always ready to go offline. That way you wouldn’t even need to worry about switching into an offline mode!

Source: Remember the Milk Blog [via Lifehacker]