remember the milk thunderbird.pngRemember the Milk (RTM) has ultimately become the task manager on the Internet. They already integrate with an insane number of devices and services, of which the Gmail add-on would have to be my favorite. And now there is an extension created specifically for Mozilla Thunderbird so that you’ll be able to manage your online tasks while your using the email client.

Daily Gyan has assembled a great tutorial on how you can get the extension all setup. But before you grab the unofficial RTM extension you’ll need to install Lightning, which adds a calendar and task manager to Thunderbird. The RTM extension leverages the integrated task creation capabilities of Lightning for adding, removing, and marking tasks as completed. That’s extremely good news since it really feels like it is tied into the application.

Unfortunately it doesn’t quite support everything you might expect it to at this point. You can’t do things like setup a recurring task or modify a description, which are both things that I would want the ability to do. Not only that, but because of Remember the Milk’s authentication process you’ll only be able to use the extension in one installation of Thunderbird. If you try to install it on another machine it will deactivate any others that it is setup on. Bummer!

So it’s not quite there yet, but hopefully the extension will continue to be developed. For right now, however, the Gmail integration is exactly what I need.

Remember the Milk Thunderbird Extension [via Lifehacker]
Note: The extension is currently experimental, and you’ll need to login to your Mozilla account before installing it.