We first wrote about Remember the Milk (here) over a year ago and described it as a free simple task manager.  Since then it remains just that, but they’ve made all kinds of improvements and changes that keep it on my list of favorite task managers. Just today they announced that they’ve launched a “reloaded” service with lots of new features that their users asked for. Here’s a quick run-through of what you can expect.

  • Improved list view – new winder view for those with large screens, new icons, and now easier to use keyboard shortcuts
  • Connect your tasks – they’ve made it easier to see which task you’re editing by connecting your tasks to your task details while you edit
  • “Friendlier” due dates –  a new easier-to-read format
  • Tag management – tags are essential with many applications these days, and now you can easily manage your tags
  • Private addresses for Atom/RSS/iCalendar feeds
  • Use Smart Lists in Searches
  • Speed improvements

tag changes rtm All of these changes make for an awesome RTM. I really like the improved list view for those with larger screens. I have a 23″ monitor, and now the whole monitor gets used without any wasted space which is always welcomed.  Another great change is the tag management feature.  Look for the tags tab where you’ll be able to rename, delete, or even merge multiple tags into one with just a click or two which is really nice. They’ve also made the tags much easier to see in your lists. The image to the right shows how easy it is to see the tag for each item like “call” or “home.” If you make use of tags, this “reloaded” RTM will be especially helpful.

rtm private addresses Another area where they’ve excelled is with RSS feeds.  To expand on what was mentioned in the bulleted list, if you would like to subscribe to an authenticated feed for your tasks, you can. Certain feed readers won’t support a feed which requires a username and password, but RTM has found a way around it. First you’ll have to enable that you’d like a private address, and then you’ll get a very long “hard to guess URL” that you can subscribe to. They’ve also added the option of subscribing to an Atom/RSS feed for completed tasks (most helpful for shared lists). Both are additions that will prove to be beneficial.