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I’ve written about some utilities to remotely shutdown computers before, and Airytec Switch Off is one that deserves to be on that list. This free and portable app offers all kinds of options for managing power-related tasks both locally and remotely. Not only that, but you can create your own scripts for it to run.

The web interface is easy to set up in the options, and all you have to do is specify a port number that you want it to run on as well as a password for authentication. From there you’ll see the basic power management options in addition to all of the custom scripts you’ve created. The scripting capability is a nice addition since the possibilities are virtually endless. The default location for storing the scripts, if you choose to install the app, is: [C:\Program Files\Airytec\Switch Off\scripts]. Any “.cmd” files placed in there will be registered as a script you can use with the app. This, when combined with the remote access, makes for a killer program.

Here’s an overview on some features, trigger types, and actions:

  • User-friendly intuitive interface
    • Windows UAC support
    • One click scheduling
    • One click action execution
    • Snooze button
  • Trigger types
    • Countdown timer
    • Daily schedule
    • Weekly schedule
    • Exact date-time
    • CPU inactivity (idle)
    • At system start or log on
  • Action types
    • Shutdown / Restart computer
    • Log-off user
    • Lock workstation
    • Disconnect dialup or VPN connections
    • Predefined scripts

There is a portable version available as mentioned earlier, but if you decide to go that route the remote/web management will be unavailable. To get the web interface you’ll need to download the full installer, which is still free.

Airytec Switch Off Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)