iphone accessory connected.pngLast week I purchased a car interface kit that gives me the ability to hook my iPhone up to the audio system that I have installed in my car. The install went fairly smooth, but I was rather disappointed with the level of control I had over my iPhone using the audio controls on my car. I thought to myself “hey, no biggie… I’ll just control the audio through my iPhone.” Apple, however, didn’t agree with that idea.

When I went to pull up the iPod portion of my phone I received the pretty little icon that you see to the right. It told me that I had an “accessory connected,” and there was basically no way for me to control the audio using the native iPod app. If I used a third party app, such as something that provided streaming Internet radio, there were no issues. So I knew it was possible to control the audio using my iPhone, and then I started to see how many other people had the same complaint.

Apparently there were quite a few users that were just as upset by this, and that’s when I happily came across a Cydia package for my jailbroken iPhone. Just do a search for “NoAccessorySplash” on the ModMyi repository and you’ll be ready to roll. Once installed it will bypass this screen so that you can control your audio through the device connected to the dock port or on the iPhone or iPod Touch itself.

I had found other hacks out there that did something similar, but they require you to SSH into your device, modify a file using a hex editor, and pray that it will actually work. This, however, is a quick 10-second solution (assuming you’ve already jailbroken your device). I’m currently using it on the 3.1.2 firmware, and it works flawlessly. It’s little things like this that make me happy I’ve jailbroken my device.