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I’m sure we’ve all come across some text we had to work with where you had to sit there removing extra line-breaks, removing duplicate lines, and other mundane tasks. I’ve seen a lot of this happen when getting poorly formatted emails that you have to turn into something halfway readable, but there are other scenarios that can be troublesome as well. Maybe you’re trying to put together a text-based version of your resumé (typically a DOC to text conversion), or even tried copying a bunch of text from a PDF file that didn’t end up transferring over very well.

CleanHaven is the free cross-platform solution. It’s not going to be a miracle worker, but I’ve come across several instances where this has saved me a surprising amount of time. I’ve even used it for copying over some Excel columns, performing a few operations on the data to make it look nice, and then copied it back over into the spreadsheet. Here are some of the different conversions/operations you can perform on any text you put into CleanHaven:

  • Case: Title Case, Sentence Case, UPPERCASE, lowercase, random case, curly quotes
  • Sort order: ascending, case-sensitive, descending, random, reverse, numerical value
  • Duplicates: remove, only duplicates, only unique
  • Remove characters: excess returns, excess spaces, linefeeds, linefeeds to returns, non-ASCII, non-letters, non-numbers, periods, punctuation, returns, returns to linefeeds, spaces, tabs
  • Personal: combine columns, combine paragraphs, email address to web URL, full name to first/last name, phone number format, salutation, UK postcodes
  • Info: only correctly-spelled words, only incorrectly-spelled words, original-spelling and result, ASCII, overall text information, value and frequency
  • Find and Replace text

cleaned text.pngOr maybe the nerd in you is trying to shine through, and you just want to see what the most frequent words are that you’ve used. Go to the Settings tab and choose the Clean By -> Word option. Then switch back to the Convert tab, check the Info box, and from the drop-down select Frequency. When you click the Clean button you should see the most frequently used words in the text you provided (as seen in the screenshot to the right). Kinda cool.

The app is free, and once you get used to all the functionality I’m sure there are even more uses you’ll find for it.

CleanHaven Homepage (Windows, Mac, and Linux; Freeware)