Delete from windows explorer menu

When you install applications such as Adobe Acrobat they like to tuck away menu items in the context/right-click menus in Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. They tend to think that this kind of stuff is there to make your life easier, but often times they end up cluttering up the menus so much that it takes even longer to find the things you really need.

MenuMaid is an app that is will help you do some housekeeping on the menus in Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer by giving you a list of all the non-standard entries that have been added. Simply uncheck the boxes next to any of the items you want removed and the change will be made immediately. If you change your mind and want to add the entry back just check the box again.

The really handy thing is that MenuMaid will tell you when the context menu entries will appear in both Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. From the screenshot above you can see that some of the entries appear when I right-click on everything, some only on drives, and then some only on folders. That can be really handy to know to help ensure you disable the correct thing.

MenuMaid Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)