Remove WGA Notifications With This Simple Tool

It was recently discovered that Microsoft’s new Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) tool was contacting Microsoft every day. If you are not familiar with WGA or have never even heard of it then you are probably running Linux, Mac, or have a genuine version of Windows. WGA is Microsoft’s way of ensuring users have a genuine copy of Windows XP. If it finds that you don’t have a genuine copy then it will continuously and annoyingly prompt you to get a legal version.

To compensate for the hassle that Microsoft has put millions of people through someone has finally released a piece of software, called Remove WGA, that will suppress the notifications. Not only will it suppress the notifications but it will also prevent your computer from contacting Microsoft each day.

This isn’t any kind of crack and will not validate your system which means you will still not be able to get the normal Windows Updates. Get this download before Microsoft finds a way to make the author remove it from their site!