App-A-Day just released what I think is the best program yet. The Jedi Window Dock will let you remove any window from the Taskbar and place it into a tabbed interface, which means this could definitely help reduce some clutter.

Once you download the program and have it running you just need to open the “Tab Controls” tab and select which open windows you want placed in a tab. If you don’t see some of your applications listed you may need to refresh the window list. Click on the application that you want to remove from the Taskbar and hit “Add To Tab.” Bam! That’s all!

It appears to work very well for me and I haven’t come across any programs that it doesn’t work with. The only feature that I would like to see now is the option to right-click on a Taskbar item and select the “Add To Tab” option. If you could do that then this is almost like a virtual desktop to me.

You can also right-click on any of the tabs to pop-out the window and place it back in the Taskbar. If you accidentally close Jedi Window Dock, which I did, it takes all of your windows and puts them in the Taskbar…so you don’t have to worry about losing your work.

This is pretty awesome. Thanks to “Nate The Great” for the tip!