The big launch of Halo 3 finally came and went, but unfortunately it didn’t occur without problems. Microsoft has confirmed that a portion of the limited edition discs that were sold are scratched because of poor design of the nub in the tin casing. The nub wasn’t able to successfully hold the disc in place, so during shipment, the discs got thrown all around which caused the scratches. At first there were a few reports here and there of the problem, but shortly after launch, the problem became wide spread and it was suggested that buyers check the disc before leaving the store if they were buying the limited edition.

scratched halo 3 disc

Fortunately, many of the people that experienced the problem were able to go back to the store where they purchased it from and get a new disc.  If your disc is scratched, I’d recommend that you do the same before you resort to Microsoft’s disc replacement program, but open the package and examine the new disc before leaving the store if they allow you to exchange it.  Usually Microsoft charges a $20 fee for the replacement program if you have a damaged Xbox 360 disc that Microsoft published, but in this situation, they’re replacing the Halo 3 Limited Edition Disc at no charge as long as you do it before December 31st.

For those of you who bought or plan to buy the standard edition or the legendary edition, you have no reason to worry. The cases that were used for those editions are completely different than the ones used for the Limited Edition. All I can say is, at least only one out of three versions has problems, and at least Microsoft acted quickly. If your Limited Edition disc is scratched, click here for details about the Xbox Disc Replacement Program from Microsoft.

Source: Joystiq