The other day we wrote about a nifty Yahoo widget called Informer that’s an extremely customizable toolbar. One of the commenters, “Change,” was wondering whether there’s a way to reserve the screen space associated with toolbar like Informer so that other applications won’t cover it up.

What they needed is not simply an “always on top” program which are actually rather abundant, but they needed something that would occupy the screen space in a manner similar to a sidebar or the Windows Taskbar. I spent a few minutes searching on the Internet before coming up with the free DesktopCoral.

This program essentially creates a transparent toolbar that can be docked along any side of your screen. You can adjust different aspects of the toolbar including the height and width:


I have to admit that this is quite a clever concept, and there are a variety of reasons where it could be useful. The Informer widget is a great example, or maybe you want to have a section of your desktop always be visible. Just make sure you check the Transparent Mode box once you get it positioned and adjusted to the correct size.

DesktopCoral officially works with Windows 2000/XP, but I didn’t have any troubles with it on Vista either. It’s completely free, but to get rid of the nag screen you’ll need to create an account over at in order to get the free registration key.