Reset windows settings

There are some times where it would be nice to reset important registry values and services back to their default state. With RefreshPC you can do exactly that. They don’t list out exactly what changes are made, but there are over 300 registry settings and services that will revert back to their original state.

Why is this useful? Well, sometimes you may run into a computer that has issues due to malware or a virus. If a virus disabled any services without you knowing this should get them running again.

According to the developer these are the intended purposes of the app:

  • Reduce errors in the Event Viewer.
  • Fix service misconfigurations that may be causing problems including slow boots.
  • Clean your temporary folders.
  • Reset key registry entries back to their default values.

Personally I’d only run this on your computer as a last resort because there is no point in trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

Note: This tries to install the Bing Toolbar during the setup process. So be careful with your clicks!

RefreshPC Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)