Mac window resize

I love the way Microsoft integrated the quick window resizing in Windows 7, and so I started looking around for something similar on the Mac since I frequently work with two windows side-by-side. Not only did I find an app, Moom, for my Mac that would let me resize my windows, but it also blew away any expectations I had for such a utility.

It’s hard to do Moom justice without you actually trying it out (there is a free trial on their site), but I’ll do my best. Moom gets activated by hovering over the green zoom button located on each window. By default you’ll see pre-defined options to move/resize a window to the left half, right half, top half, bottom half, or full screen. If you click and drag on one of those icons you’ll notice that the icon changes to quarter segments. For example, in the screenshot above I clicked and dragged down on the “left half” icon which turned it into the bottom left quarter icon. If I would have clicked and dragged up it would have turned into a top left quarter icon.

The slickness doesn’t stop there though. You can add the optional grid to the popout menu, which I highly recommend. The number of boxes are customizable, but I found their default 6×4 grid to be just right on my 27″ iMac. To use this you just click and drag on the area/size you want for the window, and Moom will make sure the window gets put into that position. You’ll also notice in the screenshot that some of the boxes are shaded different colors. These are used to represent where the window is already located: the solid white box means that the window already occupies that portion of the screen, and the other shades of gray mean that the window only occupies a fraction of that space. Very slick!

Keyboard junkies aren’t left out in the dark either. There are plenty of customizable keyboard shortcuts, such as for moving a window to another monitor, available for you to play with. An unexpected use I found with Moom is that using these keyboard shortcuts you can gather up some of those off-screen windows that appear on a monitor that isn’t connected to your machine anymore.

Before I tried Moom I was thinking “$5 for an app that just resizes window?”, but it didn’t take long for me to change my tune to “this is just $5?”.

Moom Homepage (Mac only, $5 in the Mac App Store – trial available at the homepage)