A few weeks ago, Ashley put together a great post that walked you through several options for resizing your images. It gave you some ideas for both online resizers and software resizers but it looks like a new one has emerged.

ResizR is an online image resizer/manipulator that you can use in just seconds. You can choose the width of the image but it will not let you adjust the height. It also lets you rotate the image but the coolest feature, in my opinion, is the ability to directly enter in a URL to an image and have it resize it. You’ll no longer have to download the image to your computer and then upload it to have it resized. This will save me a little time and it will help keep my computer clean by not cluttering it with two different sizes of the same images.

Image ResizrIf you really want to take advantage of the image resizing capabilities then you should download the Firefox extension that they offer on their homepage. It will let you click on an image and select the ResizR option which will redirect you to a page where you choose the options for the image.

The only downside about the service is that it only supports JPG files which is a little disappointing. I use GIF and PNG on a regular basis, so I am out of luck on those. Check it out, you may like it. I’m sure I’ll be using this service every now and then.