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I don’t reboot my computer that often because it can be a bit inconvenient, and sometimes I go weeks without having restarted it. My reasoning is typically that I have too many apps open and don’t feel like restarting them all, but other times it’s because I’m on the way out the door and just throw my machine in standby so that it is ready for me when I go to use it again. There is a slick little app called Boot Snooze that looks to make it a bit more reasonable to restart your machine from time-to-time.

What is Boot Snooze? It’s a portable program that will let you restart your computer and then have it automatically hibernate or go into standby after a specified period of time. That way when you return to your machine it will start up a lot quicker since it will be in more of a “preloaded” state. There is also a command line interface that you can use to script out your restarts to happen at specified times.

This app actually didn’t become useful to me until last week when the developer released an update that includes the ability to enable an automatic login after the reboot, which is required for Boot Snooze to work properly if you have a password tied to your Windows account. Once your computer successfully restarts Boot Snooze will go ahead and disable the automatic login so that it works the same way as it did prior to using the app.

Boot Snooze Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)