Microsoft seems to be working on a way that will prevent users from having to restart their computer as frequently. Most of us will only restart out computers when prompted to do so, for example, after you install a software program. Microsoft is in the making to create a Restart Manager that will prevent a user from having to restart in certain circumstances.

“If a part of an application, or the operating system itself, needs to updated, the Installer will call the Restart Manager, which looks to see if it can clear that part of the system so that it can be updated. If it can do that, it does, and that happens without a reboot,” he said. “If you have to reboot, then what happens is that the system, together with the applications, takes a snapshot of the state: the way things are on the screen at that very moment, and then it just updates and restarts the application, or in the case of an operating system update, it will bring the operating system back exactly where it was,” Allchin said.