Despite the fact that the official launch of Windows Vista is not until January 30th, some retailers show that they have it in stock, and ready to ship.  One such store is Newegg, and their website shows that they have Vista 32-Bit Ultimate 3 Pack DVD-OEM for $599.99, Vista 64-Bit Home premium 3 Pack DVD-OEM for $349.99, and Vista 32-Bit Business Single Pack DVD-OEM for $149.99.

Now, you’ll notice that these are OEM versions of Vista.  Typically, if you are purchasing an OEM copy, you also have to purchase hardware.  Unless I’m missing it somewhere, Newegg doesn’t have anything stating that hardware must accompany the purchase of Vista OEM.

Another website selling Vista is who are also selling OEM versions, but require that you purchase hardware with it.  They’re also selling Vista 32-bit Home Basic for $89.90.  This of course is the most basic, stripped down version available.

If you’re too impatient to wait for the January 30th launch, you may want to visit Newegg, or

News Source: Daily Tech