We will get right to the point. Here is the Best Buy coupon for 10% off items in the categories listed below. You can print it off or just show it to them on your mobile phone. You can also keep it around because it doesn’t expire until January 31st, 2012. We’ll update this article as more recent coupons become available. Note that the code on the coupon is not unique so everyone can use it.

These are the categories the coupon is good for:

    • DVD players and recorders
    • Blu-ray Disc players
    • Home audio
    • Audio and video accessories
    • Furniture & TV mounts
    • Projectors
    • Home Theater installation
    • Also valid at Magnolia Home Theater COMPUTER
  • ACCESSORIES: best buy coupon
    • DVD/Blu-ray drives
    • Flash and hard drives
    • Printers
    • Networking
    • Computer software
    • Speakers, mice and keyboards
    • PC cameras and gaming controllers
    • Voice recorders
    • Surge protectors
    • Memory
    • Cables
    • Graphics cards, sound cards and PC components
    • Blank media
    • Ink
    • Paper
    • Laptop bags and sleeves
    • Netbook cases and sleeves
    • Laptop power adapters
    • Cooling pads, chill mats and lap desks
    • Digital Cameras & Camcorders
    • Camera and camcorder accessories
    • Blank media
    • Digital photo frames
    • Memory cards
    • No-contract phones
    • Landline phones
    • Landline and mobile phone accessories
    • Phone cards
    • 2-way radios
    • MP3 devices
    • MP3 accessories
    • GPS hardware
    • Car audio
    • Satellite radio hardware
    • CD/DVD storage
    • Major & small appliances
    • Vacuums
    • Microwaves
    • Countertop kitchen electrics
    • Shavers
    • Electric toothbrushes
    • Compact refrigerators
    • Wine coolers
    • Air purifiers
    • Guitars
    • Keyboards
    • Percussion
    • Accessories
    • Home recording equipment

    These are the categories for the items that are excluded:

    • Bose audio products
    • Polk Audio
    • Sony Blu-ray players
    • Apple iPod
    • Microsoft Zune MP3 players
    • Apple computing accessories
    • Wacom tablets
    • Subscription software services
    • Microsoft Office and Windows 7 products
    • iPad accessories
    • Motorola tablet accessories
    • Sony TX9, HX5V, HX1, TX1, WX1 and NEX-3 cameras
    • Sony D-SLR cameras, lenses and flashes
    • Sony camcorders
    • Unlocked phones
    • Contract mobile phones
    • Mobile broadband cards
    • Fender
    • Squier
    • Marshall
    • Korg
    • Shure and Vox musical instruments
    • Select Roland, Gibson, Epiphone, Boss and Edirol musical instruments
    • Video game hardware and accessories
    • Digital music services and download cards
    • Electrolux major appliances
    • Air conditioners, fans and dehumidifiers
    • Pacific Sales products
    • Magnolia Home Theater products: BDI, Bose, Bowers & Wilkins, MartinLogan, McIntosh, NuVision, Sonos and SpeakerCraft Audio merchandise, Control4 merchandise and special order merchandise
    • Outlet Center items
    • Special order
    • Clearance, demo and open-box items
    • Gift cards
    • Taxes

    Original Article (no longer valid):

    It’s not often that I buy stuff in stores because I can normally find the same item for much less online. I do, however, find myself turning to Best Buy on the rare occasion that I can’t fulfill my gadget addiction over the Internet.

    Just a few months ago we moved from Iowa to Illinois, and when notifying the United States Postal Service (USPS) we received some coupons online. Among them was a Best Buy coupon that was 10% off of a single item from the categories I’ve listed below. Huh, I thought it was a pretty good deal since the coupon didn’t expire for about two-months.

    Then I noticed that this particular coupon, like most others, was merely an image. The URL of the coupon is:


    The first thing that popped into my head was that part of the filename for the image is just the year followed by the month. In this case the 200804 represents April, 2008. As it turns out the URL of the image changes from month-to-month almost like clockwork. So the next time you’re looking to buy something from Best Buy check to see whether this coupon applies to you, and adjust the URL to represent the current month. USPS might be changing the URL as more people start to catch on, but by modifying the URL I can see that they’ve been using this structure for nearly a year.

    For those of you who have a hard time reading the fine print here is a nice structured list of the things the coupon is valid for:

    • Home Theater:
      • TV’s $399 & up
      • DVD players and recorders
      • Blu-ray Disc & HD DVD Players
      • Home Audio
      • Audio and video accessories
      • Furniture $99 & up
      • Home Theater installation
      • Also valid at Magnolia Home Theater
    • Computer Accessories:
      • DVD-RW drives
      • Flash and external hard drives
      • Printers $149 & up
      • Scanners $99 & up
      • Networking
      • Speakers, mice, and keyboards
      • PC cameras and gaming controllers
      • Digital recorders $99 & up
      • Surge protectors
      • Flash memory
      • Cables
      • Graphic and sound cards
      • Software
      • Blank media
      • Ink cartridges
      • Printer Docks
      • Paper
    • Digital Cameras & Camcorders:
      • Digital cameras $249 & up
      • Camcorders $279 & up
      • Digital camera accessories
      • Camcorder accessories
      • Blank media
      • Camcorder batteries
      • Premium photo services
      • Digital photo frames
      • Photo gifts
      • Prepaid Best Buy Photo Center Gift Cards
      • Batteries
    • MP3 Players & Car Electronics:
      • MP3 accessories
      • GPS hardware
      • Car audio
      • Satellite radio hardware
      • Musical instruments
      • CD/DVD storage
      • Toys
    • Phones & Accessories:
      • Pay-as-you-go phones
      • Cordless phones
      • Answering machines
      • Landline and cellular phone accessories
      • Phone cards
      • Two-way radios
    • Major and Small Appliances & More:
      • Vacuums
      • Microwaves

    There Are 155 Comments

    1. I live in Panama. Not for me either.

      Bad luck, :cry:


    2. Neither for me. I’m in France or South Korea.

      Is it just me or is there a problem with photos going along with comments? Found myself with a new face today, and others had this same face! My first laugh this morning. Lol!

    3. jacques wrote:
      Neither for me. I’m in France or South Korea.

      Is it just me or is there a problem with photos going along with comments? Found myself with a new face today, and others had this same face! My first laugh this morning. Lol!

      Someone manipulated the MyBlogLog service in a way we weren’t expecting, but it’s fixed now! Thanks for pointing it out. :)

    4. The categories don’t really matter when I used it they didn’t even check it, just a quick scan and 10% off its pretty nice. I picked up a couple from the post office they have them with the change of address forms.

      • The post office does not offer paper change of address packets any longer. Everything is done online and once you change your address, then they send you the moving packet with the coupons.

      • The post office DOES still offer change of address packets– you just have to ask for them at the counter. I picked some up yesterday.

    5. Anonymous wrote:
      The categories don’t really matter when I used it they didn’t even check it, just a quick scan and 10% off its pretty nice. I picked up a couple from the post office they have them with the change of address forms.

      I would assume that their system would check to make sure you purchased a qualifying product though.

    6. Lifehacker just reported on your article:

      Congrats! :)

    7. Pieter wrote:
      Lifehacker just reported on your article:

      Congrats! :)

      They sure did… 4,000 hits from them and counting. :D

    8. Any coupons from other stores?

    9. The Consumerist is on this too! Way to go Cybernet!!!! :mrgreen:


    10. From Houston, Texas

      This coupon appy for regular price items only and won’t apply sale or clearance items and that will defeat the purpose of using it since regular items at BB are more expensive that other stores especially online.

      I do not buy electronics item at regular price any more. I only buy at sale price plus coupons only since our econnomics are suck now. Save money for gas and lucnh instead. Everything goes up but salary.

      Coupon that BB mail to your email or in regular US email or some floating on the web mostly can use and apply for sale or clearance items.

      However, lately, some BB stores, cashiers, checkout computers do not accept coupon for sale items.

      Good luck for someone who could use this coupon for sale item by having some kind of argument with store manager to have them manual over-ride the coupon.

      FYI, you can find a lot of these at your local post office. It is inside the moving package. I have like 10 of these useless coupons in front of me here.

    11. Google wrote:
      The Consumerist is on this too! Way to go Cybernet!!!! :mrgreen:


      Wow… I never really thought that any of our articles would be pertinent to the Consumerist community. Go figure. ;)

      From Houston, Texas wrote:
      Good luck for someone who could use this coupon for sale item by having some kind of argument with store manager to have them manual over-ride the coupon.

      Of course there will be restrictions on some things, but if you’re going to pick something up at the store anyhow why not see if the coupon applies. You can normally get stuff online cheaper with or without the coupon anyway.

    12. “Coupon valid 4/1/08 5/31/08″

    13. Anonymous wrote:
      “Coupon valid 4/1/08 5/31/08?

      You gotta read the entire article, and not just click on the link. ;) You’ll have to modify the URL according to the current month.

    14. Have they already been alerted? I’m getting:

      Not Found
      The requested object does not exist on this server. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it. Please inform the site administrator of the referring page.

      And it’s still April.

    15. Link isn’t working for me either

    16. I guess they found out that we found out about their little trick. :)

      If you’re lucky and you downloaded their coupons for the next few months, you can of course still use them.

    17. anyone have a link that works?

    18. Nope, looks like they’ve caught on. Sorry guys, the deal is dead!

    19. I downloaded the coupon last week, hope it’s still useable…gonna come over to the states and use that coupon on the Canon XSi this weekend! :twisted:

    20. I’m in Texas and got this coupon in the “Change of Address” packet at the post office. A friend and I both used one to buy televisions recently and it worked–we saved a lot of money.



      By the way, Best Buy still honors them. I used it today(4-24-08) on a new tv. $149.99 Saved!

    22. Works great. You saved me $60.00. Thanks

    23. any coupons for september????????? if so can u please email me 1..thanks

    24. I’m also looking for the latest 10% Best Buy coupon!

    25. me too i see on ebay september 30th coupons.. can anyone post a new september coupon, i want too buy me a new 1080p tv… would be nice saving 80-100$ more

    26. I am also hoping someone will post a coupon for September?

    27. Unfortunately there has been no coupons made available online. We’ll keep an eye out for new coupons.

    28. :D thank you
      the only coupun i can use for best buy with no problems

    29. This coupon works!!!!

      Got a Nikon D90 with kit lens at 10% off….$1170 (retail $1300)…”Nikon D90 Body only” is not available from Nikon yet (retail $1000), many people are holding off buying this great camera because they don’t want to pay extra for the kit lens….USE this coupon & do what I did….
      Pay the $1170, then dump the lens on Craigs list (or Ebay)…this lens costs $300 as of now with the “kit”. Retails for $400 by itself…I didn’t get greedy…asked $275 for a BRAND NEW UNUSED STILL IN THE BOX lens & GOT IT!!!!
      Final cost of the D90…..$895.
      Thanks Cybernet!!

    30. sweet! Thanks a lot for posting this, I can tell a lot of work went into it. :)

    31. Printed and used today and worked great! Thanks

    32. I am watching this site now …

      It looks like I have missed the 10.31.08 deadline.

      What are the odds that there will be a 11.01.08 – 12.31.08 version?

      Can anyone comment when the next version may be posted?


    33. Want an LCD TV wrote:
      What are the odds that there will be a 11.01.08 – 12.31.08 version?

      There’s nothing available right now, but I’m sure they will be posted in the next week or two.

    34. Ryan,
      Nice work.
      Will keep looking to see if there is a November coupon.

    35. damn, i need a coupon!

    36. Still looking for the coupon …

      Any updates?

    37. Unfortunately no coupon has been made available yet. We rely on people who are moving to share the coupon with us. We’ll try to get it as soon as possible.

    38. Thanks for this great link guys! I always come here and print the coupon and save before going to BB. They usually don’t care either when the item you are getting doesn’t exactly meet the criteria. I need to go buy a subwoofer for my home theater this week, hope you guys can find the November one, thanks again!!

    39. I picked up the “movers pack” from the post office earlier today (I was already there to get stamps) … and there is no BestBuy coupon in the collection of paper coupons in the pack.

      Is this bad news?

      Are there other coupons that are available online?

      So the “10% at BestBuy” might still be out there?

    40. Want an LCD TV wrote:
      I picked up the “movers pack” from the post office earlier today (I was already there to get stamps) … and there is no BestBuy coupon in the collection of paper coupons in the pack.

      Is this bad news?

      That is definitely not good news. It could mean that Best Buy is holding off on distributing those coupons during the holiday season, and I haven’t seen any other Best Buy coupons that are available.

    41. There is a new Best Buy near me which has its Grand Opening this Saturday.
      Location: North Haven, CT.

      Any word on deals for Best Buy grand openings?

    42. Is this bad news?[/subcomment]
      That is definitely not good news. It could mean that Best Buy is holding off on distributing those coupons during the holiday season, and I haven’t seen any other Best Buy coupons that are available.[/comment]

      In these dismal economic times you’d think that they would try a little harder to get people into their stores by making more coupons available.

    43. has anyone tried using this coupon after the expiration date? if so, what were the results?

    44. I can’t find a recent coupon either but I did on October 28th the same as “Dogg” and bought myself the Nikon D90 with the 10% coupon. I turned around and dropped the kit lens on eBay for $289 so the deal ended up better than buying the camera body only. Awesome, and Thanks!!! Ever since I have been waiting for the next coupon to buy another camera and GPS but I haven’t seen any although I keep checking back here. It’s stupid of BB not to promote sales now seeing what happened to circuit City and economic tough times. The door buster ad was helpful to get now and the deal on the Garmin Nuvi 260W is pretty good even by online standards…it just sucks to be up and in line at 5:00am. What’s my time worth? I wish they would just release the stupid coupon and make our lives easy.

    45. LOL this is great thanks

    46. I will try this tonight on a Sale item to see what happens.

    47. Pretty please can you post one for February?

    48. I just filled out the usps move form (which costs $1) and best buy is not offering a coupon at this time.

    49. Any word on the coupon……For march or April 2009?

    50. Man, I Convinced One of the Comp Assosiates to give me 10% off Of A Nice Monitor Thats on Sale, But i Need A Coupon Cuz the one I Had Is Expired! Can Anyone Help Me? If so Email Bewareofgod@gmail.com Thank you

    51. I need one of these ASAP…for April 09…i wish we could change the numbers on there…this would take $100 off of my TV purchase.

    52. I’ll add my name to the request list… April 2009 anyone??

    53. I could also use one for April 09.

    54. USPS does not offer the BB 10% coupon on their website either. Will try to go by the post office tomorrow and see if it is back inside the change of address pack

      April 14th 2009

    55. I would definitely really appreciate a coupon for April as well.
      Thank you

    56. I joined the “Reward Zone” And I get this coupon in the mail every month, sometimes I get even better ones. it was free to join too Plus I get something like 3-5% back on everything I buy in the form of Best Buy cash vouchers. I just got $160.00 in vouchers plus 10% savings for buying a new TV and dishwasher. the vouchers have serial numbers so they can’t be reused though.

    57. I needa 10% off from best buy cananyone help? bda357@gmail.com

    58. Is there one available for Decemeber yet?

      • there’s somebody selling one on ebay for .99 cents, and it’s delivered to you within 12 hrs if you’re interested. It expires on 12/14/09.

    59. Thanks for the post, I used the December coupon yesterday and it worked great, saved me $180 off my new DSLR. :)

    60. I found this coupon just in the nick of time! Went to check out at BB yesterday (dec.31) and buy a long awaited Nikon Nikkor lense. Only one prob…got handed the wrong one and the one I needed was out of stock. “#$@#T%##$%Q@#$@” I didnt get to use the coupon but payed it forward and handed it to a stranger.

      Thank you for sharing…but how about one for 2010? ;)

    61. Any chances on getting a new one for Jan, 2010? I’m in the market for a new TV and could really use the coupon.

    62. Any update on this for January? Looking to buy a laptop and could save some bucks with an updated coupon!

    63. ya can anyone tell us if there is any coupons for February 20-25.thanks

    64. Any new coupons? I REALLY need a coupon so I can persuade my wife to buy this TV.

    65. I just used this coupon today (3/19/2010) in New Jersey to purchase a new blu-ray. No problem!

      Thank you!

    66. Thanks! I always appreciate a little savings!

    67. It is tv’s $799 and up not $399?

    68. Just used the 10% off coupon today (4/1/10) in Atlanta, GA with no problem. Purchased UPS battery backup for computer. Doesn’t expire until 5/31 so still time left.

    69. I just happened to stumble across this posting and I am so glad that I did! Am about to head out the door to buy a $700 slr package and that 10% coupon is great! Thanks so much!! :)

    70. hey do you just print i out of this page? does it work for ipod shuffle

    71. Thanks so much for the post! Every little bit helps. Coupons are usually available on ebay as well for a very low cost.

    72. Worked perfectly got 10% off 775.00 Sony LCD tv. Thanks

    73. Just saved $120.00 off my new Sony HD HDR-CX550V camcorder! I just printed the scan on my color printer and it scanned just fine at the checkout. Thanks for the post!

    74. you rock!!!! thanks a million.

      nice people are too few and far between

    75. Thank you so much. I’m about to go purchase something small but every little bit counts~ at least on the tax right?

    76. When is the next 10% comin? D:

      • I would also like to see the next 10% coupon. I’m about to make a $700 purchase, should I wait for it?

    77. If you go to the post office and get a change of address packet it has 2 !0% off coupons

    78. just wanted to say thanks…my sil is heading there today to make a major appliance purchase and this will make it a lot easier to spend the big bucks!

    79. Thanks for updating the coupon!

    80. Thanks, gonna use this today with a PM from a local electronics retailers to get a Canon t2i camera.

    81. Thank you so much for the coupon!

    82. this coupon doesnt work for tv’s $399 and up…i tried it at my local store they said no

    83. Anything for 8/1/2010 or after yet?

    84. “Anything for 8/1/2010 or after yet?”

      Bump. I wanna get a TV!

    85. Coupon expiring on September 30, 2010 has been posted.

    86. UGGGHHH nice job, it doesn’t work.

    87. Any new coupons for October?

    88. Any new October coupons for BB

    89. Hi Ryan! Any luck on finding the October 2010 coupon? Thanks!

    90. Here is an updated coupon that is valid until 1/31/2011 :)



    91. Any chance you have a new one for Feb 2011

    92. I have a 10% off coupon. Whom do I send it to?

    93. I was provided an updated coupon via email… so everyone can thank Ritesh!

    94. I just used the 4/1/11-5/31/11 coupon last night and it worked fine. She couldn’t scan the barcode but the cashier typed the numbers in and it worked.

    95. Does this 10% still work on TV’s?

    96. Does this work on sale items or just reg. price?

    97. does this work on tv that is already on sale

    98. It works!!!! I was skeptical when i stumbled upon this and wondered if this was legit. I printed the coupon out and it looked not so crisp. I used it to purchase a Canon T3i. Like someone said prior the bar code wouldn’t scan but they can enter it manually no problem. I had to come back and say thanks and let others know this works. Canon T3i = 929-10% = 836 + i got a $25 gift card for getting bb card + double reward points + cool shutterfly family portrait book for our Disney vacation = #winning!!!!!

    99. thank you for that! it works. i just bought a canon s95 with the coupon. at best buy right now, if you purchase a camera, you can get 20% off (of the accessories) if you also purchase 2 other accessories for the camera or 30% off accessories if you purchase 3 items. they were able to honor the 10% off coupon and the accessories deal by ringing up the transaction separately.

    100. Going to use it this weekend or by Mon/Tues on a Panasonic GT30 65″ monitor. Hopefully its a smooth transaction. I’ll update the board on how things go!

    101. Would it work for an iPad 1?

    102. Forget Ipad 1…would this work for an Ipad 2? I am going to argue that it is a digtial camera/camcorder…and well past $300…Hoping it works…

    103. Best Buy wouldn’t honor the coupon for the NOOK-Color E-Reader. They said that this is not a computer accessory. Only accessories are granted the 10% discount. The computers, e-readers, etc.. are in BIG demand right now, so there’s no reason to offer a discount. Best thing to do is to look for coupons from specific manufacturers. Doubt if I’ll find one for the NOOK-Color because it’s flying off the shelves, but it can’t hurt to do a quick search. Gotta luv the internet! :-) Allen in Chicago

    104. Just used this coupon and saved 100 bux on a Canon 60d (body only). Thanks!

    105. This weekend I used the coupon to purchase a Cannon DSLR and it worked like a charm. Thanks for posting it! There is also a RewardZone coupon that is available (if you access your RZ account) that doubles the number of RZ points you receive for qualifying purchases. The RZ coupon expires in the next week or so I believe. The coupons are stackable so I got credit for both!

      Oh, also, the 10% off coupon did not scan – the cashier had to manually enter the number.

      Jason in NC

    106. Works Great! Just purchased a Nikon 7000D and got 10% off $1499. Also scored a free shutterfly coffee table book and 20% off two PNY 8gb Class 10 SDCard’s.

      Thanks so much for providing this coupon :)

    107. Worked for me too. Just bought a sony hdr xr160 yesterday. Thanks.

    108. can u use it to buy a boost cell phone?? thanks

    109. Coupon says no Apple accessories.

      Darn, I just found $80 in an old purse yesterday from a few years ago and am headed to Best Buy to buy to splurge on the Logitech/Zagg bluetooth keyboard that sells for $99.99 with my treasure money. I thought I could maybe save another $10 with this coupon, but my doo-dad is definitely an accessory for an Apple product. Shoot (bang).

      I wonder how technical they are being. Maybe they just mean Apple brand? (One can hope.)

    110. SandiDandi Again

      UPDATE: Just got back from Best Buy. Coupon worked great and I saved $10 on my purchase, so THANK YOU! The restriction turned out to be specific to purchasing an Apple brand accessory (not a different manufacturer’s product that works with an Apple iPad or Apple computer).

      I tried to post this as a reply to my earlier post,. but SUBMIT wouldn’t work, so I’m trying this as a new post instead.

    111. Would it work acer iconia tablet?

    112. BTW, small print does NOT say it includes TV’s $399 & up

    113. any new coupons?

    114. yes, please update the coupon, thanks.

    115. Now I’m not from the states but have relatives that frequent the states for their profession. I am wondering why does the coupon for September 2011 require me to show my phone? I’m guessing they’ve added some more protection to their system?

    116. The URL didnt work for me. Any other ways to get the 10% off Best Buy coupon?

    117. Just wondering how is that code not unique? And why does it say to show my phone?

      • The code is not unique – meaning everyone that requests the coupon on their phone will get the same number. It says to show your phone because Best Buy normally sends a link to this coupon via an SMS message.

    118. Hey Ryan, is there any current coupon from best buy that I can use? thanks.

    119. Hi,
      Does anyone have a new coupon code available please? Thanks! No scans work previously …

    120. Why can’t you make this coupon bigger so that people can use it?

      • Haven’t been able to get my hands on an updated coupon yet, but am trying pretty hard. I’ll update the article as soon as I find one.

    121. this thing should be touch screen

    122. Where is the printable coupon for 2012? help.

      • I’ve been trying hard to get an updated coupon, but have come up empty handed. Best Buy hasn’t released any of the typical 10% off coupons that I had previously been posting. I will update the post as soon as one is available.

    123. Doh, need a new Microwave and heard about the Moving Packet coupons. Was hoping to find one. :(

    124. No coupons in my moving guide… :( need a code badly!!!

    125. I’m 4 years too LATE???!!!! Waaahhh.(Original Article, 2008) Seriously, though – I’m glad that I found this website. Interesting articles and tips. I’m looking forward to your posting of an updated coupon, when/if you find one.

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