The best reverse phone lookup service I’ve discovered so far has got to be Sullr (our review) because they search various sources for the number you entered and the interface is easy on the eyes. Not only does it display the name the number belongs to, they also map the address for you. While it’s a great service, there’s another reverse phone look-up service called which serves a purpose as well. is different from other reverse phone look-up services in that users enter in the phone numbers and can leave comments. The comments end up informing others who receive a call from the same number about who it was and whether or not they left a message. Some of the numbers they have listed have several hundred comments such as "3rd call from number in a month – left a message in Spanish" or "called the number and got "sorry, that extension is busy."

who called us

I’d say this service will be most useful with calls from telemarketers and unknown caller ID numbers. And the comments give you an idea of whether or not it’ll be worth it to take the call when they call back the next time, because we all know telemarketers usually don’t just call once. They’ll call you several times a week until you answer.

Besides the list of phone numbers, they also have a list of the most called states.  Topping the list for all time is California, followed by Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois. If you live in either of these states, chances are that you receive a few more unwanted calls each year than those in other states.

To give Who Called Us a try, just have the phone number ready that you’re wanting to look up, visit and enter the number. If they have the number on file, they’ll display all of the information that they have regarding it. Otherwise you’ll have the chance to enter a new number in to their database.