Ever wonder who’s calling you when it’s a number you don’t recognize? I’m one of those that really won’t answer my phone if it’s not someone I know, but then I’m always left curious of who it was that called, especially if they don’t leave a message. There are a handful of different reverse phone lookup services available out there, but there’s another fairly new one called Sullr that does more than just give you the name of the person who called.

If you’re familiar with reverse phone lookup services, you know that you just have to enter in the area code and phone number, and it will return who called. With Sullr, you’ll start out doing the same thing.


After you’ve entered in the number, it’ll go to work searching various sources for the number. If it has found a match, it’ll display the name, but also offer to view a map of where they are located. If you click to view the map, it’ll pull up a Google Map with the address marked.


The addition of mapping the address for the number you’ve entered is nice, and something that other reverse phone lookup services don’t offer. Just like other services, they currently don’t have the capability to look up cell-phone numbers but hopefully that will be something available in the future.

What I like best about Sullr is that it has an attractive interface that’s easy to use and it gets the job done quickly. They also make great use of Ajax which helps to speed up the process. My only complaint is that the name isn’t one that I’ll easily remember when I’m wanting to lookup a number. For some reason, I just don’t connect Sullr with a phone lookup service. Regardless, if you’re wondering who’s been calling you, give Sullr a try.

Source: AppScout