Review Of Symantec pcAnywhere 12

PC Magazine has brought another great review and this time of pcAnywhere 12. They say that not everyone should use it, but it would be great for help desks and call centers. The reason they don’t recommend it for everyone is because the setup isn’t as easy as 1-2-3-done. You have to do some configuration but with my previous experiences with pcAnywhere it is well worth it. It is nice to be able to remote desktop into a computer without logging someone off of that computer (like the Windows Remote Desktop does). However, you do need to have pcAnywhere installed on each computer that you want to use it on and remote desktop to. That can become quite cumbersome if you are just a home user and have a bunch of computers you want to setup.

If you still think it is worth the hassle then maybe the $170 price tag might pull you away. I am sure the cost is the main reason that PC Magazine doesn’t recommend it for everyone to use.

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