Remember all of the fuss that the RIAA made over AllofMP3? They sued the Russian music website for a whopping $1.65 trillion back in December of 2006, and now that lawsuit has been dropped. Yes dropped. The RIAA has walked away from trying to get a penny from them saying that “The site is now defunct and out of business, the result of a successful anti-piracy initiative.” But is the site completely out of business?

Sure no longer exists, but does. It’s run by the owners of AllofMP3, so it’s essentially the same site in disguise and it emerged last summer right after AllofMP3 went down. So why is it that the RIAA was all over trying to shut it down but they haven’t blinked an eye (yet) at MP3sparks? Users of the original site are still able to use their usernames and passwords on the new site, prices are about the same, so can RIAA really say they walked away with a victory?

At this point remains a place to go to get links to news about the music industry, and nothing more, but there’s a chance that it may come back. Last August a Russian Court determined that the site operated within the bounds of Russian law and they didn’t infringe on copyright law as they had been accused of, so the site at that point said that “service will be resumed in the foreseeable future.” Now that the RIAA has dropped their lawsuit, will AllofMP3 be daring enough to make a come-back even though things are running smoothly at MP3sparks?