laughing at riaa WARNING: Reading this article may cause extreme uncontrollable gut-buster laughter. Continue reading at your own risk…

We know that the RIAA has some ideas that are out there, but their latest idea is way out there.  Cary Sherman from the RIAA was recently speaking at the State of the Net Conference and proposed that a new way to combat piracy would be anti-virus software.  That’s right, Sherman proposes that anti-virus software should filter pirated content off computers.

Regardless of whether or not you have pirated content on your computer, who is going to buy an anti-virus that would filter through your content like that and look for something other than harmful viruses just to protect the entertainment industry? Every single anti-virus company out there would have to agree to do this if it was really going to work and let’s face it, all of the AV companies out there aren’t going to agree to this. They have enough to worry about and wouldn’t likely have time to put the money and research into developing a filter for illegal music.

As you can imagine, most people are finding Sherman’s ideas hilarious and ridiculous. Over at DSL Reports and Neowin, there were a few comments I could agree with that stood out:

  • Carbidyne says: “They continue to push the issue making it harder for me to follow their rules. Eventually it will come to a point that I don’t give a crap for their rules just like they don’t give a crap about their artists and writers as it will be easier to pirate than purchase through proper channels.”
  • Andrew-DB says: “Seriously, this guy is completely out of his mind.”
  • revvo says “[The] RIAA doesn’t know what to do anymore and everyday they look more and more stupid and desperate for their ever-growing money hunger.”

What are your reactions to this one?