blackberry curve.pngThe highly anticipated new BlackBerry has been Boldly announced and is said to be available this Summer exclusively from AT&T in the U.S. with other carrier versions coming soon. It’s called the BlackBerry Bold (a.k.a. BlackBerry 9000) and it sure is slick. The Mobile Phone/Smartphone market is a hot place to be right now and the competition is fierce! The arrival of this new BlackBerry Bold makes it even more competitive with a handful of enticing new features which include:

  • Improved display with better screen resolution – it’s twice the resolution of the Curve model and brings it to the same resolution offered on the iPhone (480×320)
  • Glossy metallic look
  • GPS is “enhanced and assisted”
  • Exchangeable back leather plates in different colors will be offered
  • Increase in internal memory
  • Price is estimated to be between $300 and $400
  • 802.11a/b/g wireless capability

In some ways it is similar to the Curve (e.g., camera capable of capturing video) and previous BlackBerry models (with the QWERTY kebyoard and trackball), but RIM managed to make the BlackBerry Bold jam-packed with new features that consumers are sure to love.

The new website for the BlackBerry Bold is now live at where you see 360 degree views and checkout all of its features…

Competition in the Mobile Market…

It’s interesting to see how competition is changing and affecting the mobile market. In March Apple announced their $100 million iFund to support the development of the iPhone and iPod Touch Applications and now RIM is expected to announce a $150 million fund to invest in companies that are creating software for their devices. Had Apple not offered such an option, would RIM have made this move?

And speaking of competition, it looks like Sprint may be having a hard time with customers leaving to checkout what their competitors have to offer. During the first quarter of 2008, they saw 1.09 million subscribers walk away and now they are left with 52.8 million remaining subscribers. At this point they say they are “re-working” their strategy and they’re also hoping that the Samsung Instinct (an iPhone Competitor which hasn’t hit the stores yet) will help out their business.

Like we said earlier, the competition is fierce right now in the mobile market and it’ll probably only continue…

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