Have you been wanting to get your DVD library onto your PC, but are trying to figure out the best way to do that? A free application called bitRipper might be just the solution you’re looking for.

When you first launch the application you’ll be presented with an extremely simple interface that should confuse no one, but there are still plenty of customizations you can make if you really want to dig in. Here are some of the app’s highlights:

  • On-the-fly DVD to AVI conversion.
    You don’t need gigabytes of free disk space to store intermediate data. Your DVD is converted in your PC memory and written directly to your hard drive.
  • Extreme simplicity.
    You don’t need to be computer expert to convert a DVD using bitRipper, all you should do is to insert disc and click a button.
  • Splendid customization.
    You may tune any parameters if you want, but until you decide they will never distract you.
  • Everything included.
    You don’t need to download additional modules, codecs and other software. We bundled everything that bitRipper requires yet saving it’s size.
  • Existing sources usage.
    bitRipper may use any codec which is already installed in your system choosing the most optimal one of them unless you specify the other.
  • High software performance.
    We did everything to make a DVD to AVI conversion process as fast as possible. The speed only depends on your hardware.

On the download page the developer does say that bitRipper is 100% free, but if you are prompted to register a complimentary serial number is provided. I’m guessing this is just in case you download an older version from somewhere else that still requires a serial number.

bitRipper Homepage
Thanks “Seanster” for the tip!

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  1. I tried testing bitRipper on a few different discs, but kept getting the error “Can’t get access to the DVD data. Disc is not authorized.” Anyone else experience this?

  2. I am testing on an older DVD and it seems to be working. It’s guestimating that it will take 4.5 hours to convert a 1.5 hour movie. Yikes. My old athlon 2600+ is just chugging along … lol.

    I had tried a conversion on a newer DVD and it would hang for 5 to 10 minutes, running the CPU at 100%, then quit with a message that there wasn’t a DVD loaded.

    Interesting note: the version I downloaded doesn’t have the “Register” button shown above.

  3. Tom wrote:
    I tried testing bitRipper on a few different discs, but kept getting the error “Can’t get access to the DVD data. Disc is not authorized.” Anyone else experience this?

    Haven’t tried it yet, but does this program decode DVD encryption? If not, there’s your answer. You’d need to get AnyDVD or similar to decode first, then you’re free to do whatever you want to the DVD.

  4. bitRipper is abandonware, formerly commercial software that is obsolete and now given out for free. Thus that would explain why it can’t decode DVDs with newer encryption.

  5. I tried BitRipper but found that a program called Handbrake which is free open-source available from performed much better, cutting a lot of time off my ripping and putting out excellent rips.

    I even have a post on it here: []

  6. The movie I tried it on is a little bit older, and so it didn’t have any troubles with ripping it. As Pierre pointed out this may not be able to decode the latest security mechanisms though.

  7. dvd43 is the best software to decode a dvd and its free. It just doesnt work with 64bit vista

  8. dvd to ipod touch

    may be i can have a try !

    it is very good !

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