Gui ipconfig

Windows includes several different command line tools that are useful for viewing network-related details on your computer such as ipconfig, route, and netstat. The ipconfig command provides TCP/IP configuration information, route lets you modify your system’s IP routing table, and netstat displays active connections and ports. All of that data can seem overwhelming, but it’s not so bad when you have an interface capable of organizing it for you.

Win IP Config is a free app that piggybacks on each of those three commands, and breaks them out into various tabs to make the information more understandable. You can enable/disable network interfaces, view the IP addresses and other details assigned to the NIC, add/remove routes, and even view the throughput of a specific network interface. You can do all of that from one window without ever touching the command line.

This is one program I wish had a portable version available, but unfortunately that is not the case. For that reason Win IP Config isn’t as useful to me as it could be, but I will still use it on some of my machines.

Note: You may need to use the “Run as Administrator” in Vista/Windows 7 to get the app to install successfully.

Win IP Config Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)