Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 I’ve tried numerous times to install Nero on Vista and I just can’t seem to get it to work. Unfortunately the developers know that it isn’t currently compatible but I am still waiting for a version that works.

In the mean time Roxio beat Nero to the punch and released Easy Media Creator 9 which boasts Vista compatibility:

Microsoft® Windows Vista Home/Business/Ultimate, Windows XP Home/Pro/MCE (Service Pack 2), Windows XP Pro x64 Edition, Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4 or later)

I was hoping that they would have a demo that I could use while I wait for Nero but I didn’t see a download link for it. I also don’t feel like forking out the $100 for the software because, at least in previous versions, it seems to lack the power and customizability that Nero has…which is probably why it is called Easy Media Creator.

It is great to see these software companies developing their products to work with Vista already. Back in the day when I was testing Windows XP RC1 it seemed like no on was creating software that worked with it. Onward and upward.