Rsizr Image Scaling

A few weeks ago I wrote about a free application called Liquid Resize that implemented the much acclaimed seam carving (also known as content aware image resizing). It is pumped with features, and it has already had a couple of more updates from time I wrote the article.

However, there is a new seam carving app in town, and I have a feeling that it will conquer all the others. Give a warm welcome for Rsizr, which a free and completely web-based solution to seam carving. To get started all you have to do is select an image from your computer, and then drag the two sliders over a bit to start the processing (I outlined them in the screenshot above). Then the necessary “handles” will get placed on the corners of the photo for resizing it.

Here’s why I think Rsizr is so great:

  • The image processing is done prior to scaling the image (by using the sliders). This is especially useful when working with large images where the processing can take a long time. With this you can just drag both the horizontal and vertical sliders all the way over, and then walk away until it’s done. When you come back the image will be ready for its instantaneous resizing!
  • You can scale the image without using seam carving, revert back to the original, or crop it in a few clicks.
  • There are tools available to mark areas on the photo which you want to preserve or remove first. A good demonstration of how that would be useful is when trying to remove someone from a photo:
    Rsizr Remove Person 

I suggest that you check Rsizr out and see how well it performs for you! If you decide to upload your results to a photo sharing site make sure you drop a link in the comments so that we can see, too. ;)

Rsizr Image Scaling (works with JPG, PNG, and GIF images)
Sources: Go2Web2 & Download Squad