RSS feed notifier

I have a rather large collection of a few hundred RSS feeds that I follow daily, but I’ve come across situations where I’d like to get notifications of certain news items instead of having to sift through all the feeds. That’s where Feed Notifier comes into play. It is a desktop notification program that is highly configurable to ensure that you only see popups for the things that interest you.

There are a lot of things Feed Notifier is capable of, but the filtering is the thing that caught my attention the most. I have a screenshot below showing off the filter configuration screen, but I’m sure most of you already know how this kind of system works. Much like email filters you can designate keywords that are required to either be or not be in the entry. The developer put together a guide explaining how the keywords work, and goes on to show how you can use special syntax to apply filters to the author, title, or content fields of the RSS entries. You can also choose whether a filter is applied to all your feeds or only to certain ones.

These are some of the other features found in Feed Notifier:

  • Supports all common RSS and Atom web feed protocols.
  • Configurable polling interval for each feed.
  • Configurable popup duration, size, position (multiple monitor support), and transparency.
  • Popups do not steal keyboard or mouse focus from other applications.
  • Navigation controls in popups to view next/previous items.
  • Advanced keyword filtering options.
  • Supports enabling/disabling individual feeds.
  • Deactivates when user is idle to save bandwidth and processing time.
  • Supports authenticated feeds that require a username and password.
  • Multi-threaded feed polling.

Screenshot of keyword filtering in the Feed Notifier settingsRss feed filter

Feed Notifier Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)