apple fires employees Apparently Steve Jobs doesn’t like greedy people who try to take advantage of him, and I don’t blame him one bit. ArsTechina is reporting (although it hasn’t been confirmed) that two separate independent sources have informed them that Apple has fired over 800 employees who decided to take Jobs up on his offer to refund $100 to early adopters who purchased iPhones before the price drop. Yep, those 800 employees are the same lucky ducks who got a phone for free. Do the math and you’ll realize that those 800 employees cost Apple an extra $80,000! No wonder Steve Jobs decided to go on a major firing spree.

It’s hard to believe that 800 people were that greedy, but I’m sure it was viral. Once one person attempted to get the refund and realized Apple didn’t stop them, you can bet they went off to tell their other co-workers to give it a try. You’d also think that these employees would feel some type of loyalty to Apple that would keep them from stealing, especially after getting a rather expensive phone from them. They manipulated the situation, and now they’re going to have to suffer the consequences.

If this turns out to be true, it just goes to show that stealing is stealing.  Sure, it will cost Apple quite a bit of money to hire and train 800 new employees, especially right before the holiday season, but it had to be done. Apple could have just given them a warning and moved on, but most companies have a zero tolerance policy and whether it’s a dollar, or $100 dollars, it’s stealing. Now the one question that I have regarding this whole situation is why didn’t Apple have a better system in place to help them determine if the person seeking the refund worked for Apple and had generously received an iPhone for free?

Want a job at an Apple store? Now’s probably the best time to pursue it!