It was just a few weeks ago that more rumors were flying around that Dell was planning to launch a Tablet PC towards the end of October. At the time, the rumor claimed that the PC would be based upon a Latitude notebook computer.

As it turns out, it’s true! On Dell’s blog, Jeff Clarke, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Dell’s Business Product Group said in a video that he was there to end much speculation about their plans to enter the Tablet PC Market. The rumors were true.

Clarke says that the Latitude Tablet PC was designed for the education, health care, and corporate market place, and it’s an exciting product. In the video, he says that a lot of engineering has gone into it to make it one of the lightest weight, most convertible tablets in the marketplace.

You can watch the video here:

No pricing has been announced, but if it’s based upon the Latitude D420 notebook computer, the price will be at least $1800+. I also wonder what the battery life will be like. Thus far, Tablet PCs haven’t taken off in popularity like I thought they would when they were introduced several years ago. Perhaps Dell entering the market will change that.

Tablet PC Images:

Delltablet1 Delltablet2

In other Dell News, Michael Dell was recently interviewed by CRN, and he was quoted as saying that they were going to be “quite aggressive” with the retail channel. Now we’re left to speculate what that means. As of now, the closest they’ve come to “retail” has been with their small kiosks in the malls where you can play around with some of their laptops and pick up a brochure or place an order.

When he says aggressive with the retail channel, that could mean a variety of things. I’d assume it means that consumers will be able to purchase Dell computers in-store at some of the major retailers, or they could always follow in Apple’s footsteps and open their own Dell stores. I tend to think they’d be more likely to go with the first route, and maybe you’ll be purchasing your next Dell computer at Best Buy?

Source: Ars Technica