FeedburnerlogoWhy wouldn’t Google buy FeedBurner was the question that everybody was asking last week when rumors surfaced that an acquisition was under-way. It makes perfect sense. FeedBurner is known as the RSS Management service that many, many sites use, as well as an advertising service that’s held its own. TechCrunch just reported that in fact, the deal is confirmed and FeedBurner will be receiving a $100 Million Dollar paycheck.

I’m surprised it’s taken as long as it has for a big company to come and sweep FeedBurner off its feet, and my first thought was that the $100 million sounded a bit on the low side considering these facts and statistics (source):

  • Total feeds managed: 721,000
  • Podcasts and videocasts: 111,383
  • Number of publishers: 422,717
  • According to Nielsen/Net Ratings, FeedBurner is growing faster than MySpace and Digg with 385% traffic growth.

There’s lots of things that Google could do with FeedBurner, but one thought was that they could integrate RSS statistics into Google Analytics, making Google Analytics the hub for every statistic you could ever want or need.

Any other thoughts on what Google will potentially do with FeedBurner and how they could incorporate it with existing services?

Congratulations to FeedBurner!