digg logo.pngIn the past, we wouldn’t have ever expected Google to be interested in acquiring Digg. But some of the acquisitions and services they have launched over the last year or two changed that thought and now we’re not surprised over a rumor that Google is in final negotiations to acquire Digg. If you’re like me, the first thing you are wondering is how much? According to TechCrunch, the price tag on this deal is about $200 million dollars. At this point Digg has raised about $11.3 million in venture capital which means a $200 million dollar offer would equal a big pay day for Kevin Rose and the Digg crew.

Remember, this is just a rumor at this point even though TechCrunch has said they’ve heard from “multiple sources inside and outside of Google.” We won’t actually believe it until we see it, but if it does happen, Microsoft probably won’t be too happy about it. Back in 2007 Microsoft inked a deal with Digg to sell their ads for three years. This acquisition would mean the end of Microsoft selling ads for the site, and a loss in income.

If Google should acquire Digg, we’re wondering if Digg would stay as-is or if they’d try to incorporate some of the technology behind Digg into Google news? We’d tend to believe that no major changes would be made to the site, but sometimes you just never know what Google has in mind.

Over at this site, the author proposed a few other things Google could potentially do if they bought Digg like place icons in the search results or tweak the algorithm based upon Google’s massive amounts of data. The possibilities are endless, but first Google needs to actually acquire them! We’ll be keeping our eye out for more info if and when it happens.