Both Opera and Firefox are blessed with methods of running scripts that modify the way sites are not only displayed, but the way they function. We’ve seen scripts that will stream Google search results so that you never have to click the “Next” link, and we’ve also seen ones that will make everyday tasks a little easier.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who swear by some of the scripts that they use, and would have a hard time switching to any browser that doesn’t support them. For the Internet Explorer fans out there…you now have your own solution!

Turnabout is a nifty little program that is still in the Beta stages, but could end up being one of the most popular Internet Explorer add-ons available. It comes with several scripts that have been tested to make sure that they work great with Internet Explorer:

  • Ad Blocker – Hides ads.
  • Book Burro – Shows competing booksellers’ prices on popular online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and
  • Bug Me Not – Helps skip required registration using a public login-sharing service called Bug Me Not.
  • Linkifier – Turns text URLs and email addresses into clickable links.
  • Search Term Highlighter – Highlights your search terms from major search engines.

The bad thing about Turnabout is that it makes use of a toolbar to add the new features, but like most toolbars in Internet Explorer you can hide them away if you like the extra screen space. By going through the toolbar you are able to get to the Turnabout options where you can enabled/disable scripts or configure them to your liking.

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There are two versions of Turnabout available, and the one in the screenshot that I took above is just the basic version. No, the other “Advanced” version does not cost money. Instead the advanced version allows you to install your own scripts by incorporating an “Install Script” button in the bottom-left corner of the Options window. That way you can try out some of your favorite Greasemonkey scripts, and some of them might work. If you want the advanced version just look under the download section in the fine print.

You’ll also notice that I tried this in Vista with Internet Explorer 7, but Turnabout only officially works with Internet Explorer 6. All of the scripts seemed to still work in IE 7, but the only thing I did notice that didn’t work was the ability to right-click on a Greasemonkey script and click the Turnabout option. When right-clicking on scripts from a site there is no added entry in the menu, so you’ll have to go the longer route of adding  your own scripts…downloading them to your computer and going through the Options. Of course, that is only if you want more scripts than the ones they already install.

The creators of the Turnabout add-on have started making a list of scripts that are known to work with Internet Explorer, so if you’re wanting even more the first place you should look is their site.

Thanks to the anonymous tipster who sent this one in!