Just when we thought AllofMP3.com had its last breath, they were resuscitated.  A Russian Court has told VISA that they must process payments for AllofMP3.com because the site is legal according to Russian law.  This now gives life back to the popular download site that was nearly gone.

According to ZeroPaid, “Visa’s decision to terminate its contract with Alltunes, MP3sparks, and AllofMP3 was illegal under Russian Law because they operate legally according to ROM, the Russian equivalent of the RIAA.”

So while AllofMP3 will presumably once again be able to accept payments, their site is still down. The RIAA has done a fine job up until now of cutting off every income source that they had, so this is big news. At least for them, they know that they have the Russian Government on their side.

Even more promising for AllofMP3 is that Visa has said that they won’t be appealing the decision that the government has made. After years of problems and court battles that slowly crippled AllofMP3, they may be back afterall.