Safari Spell Check

Apple released a pretty big update to the Safari 3 Beta browser for Windows this morning. One of the most notable additions is the spelling and grammar checking, which can be done inline if you so desire. To have Safari check the spelling while you type just right-click in a text box, go to Spelling and Grammar, and then tick the Check Spelling While Typing option. As you can see above it underlines incorrect words with a dashed red line.

One of the other big features is the ability to perform a full history search. If you pull up the browser’s history and start to do a search it will scan all of the text for your visited websites, instead of just the titles and URL’s. This is almost like what Opera 9.5 offers, except that Safari’s isn’t searchable directly from the address bar.

There were also improvements to security, stability, compatibility, keyboard shortcuts, and several more features:

  • Windows to be resized from any side – thank goodness! It was annoying have to grab the bottom-right corner each time I wanted to resize Safari.
  • Includes an additional font smoothing option (“standard”)
  • Supports listing FTP directories
  • Links to proxy settings from Safari (Safari respects the proxy settings in the Windows Internet control panel)
  • Adds cookie management
  • Includes tooltips
  • Allows printing of page numbers, titles, margins
  • Improves bookmark collection interface
  • Maintains original order of imported bookmarks
  • Adds an interface for editing AutoFill information
  • Adds a new preference to manually mark RSS articles as read
  • Includes support for tilt wheels

If I didn’t know better I would almost say that Apple is trying hard to provide a decent version of Safari for Windows users. Who would have ever thought it would come to this?

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