safari scared …not as good as I thought they would be. Apple brought Safari 3.1 out of Beta in the middle of March, and shortly after that they started to push Safari out to all of the Windows users who already had iTunes or QuickTime installed. Well, as we roll our way into April I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of bump Safari got in usage by using their rather questionable method of distribution.

Overall in February Safari had a market share of 5.70%, and in March it climbed to 5.82%. The disappointing news is that Safari already had 5.82% of the market share in January, and so the small jump that they had in March merely got the browser back up to its peak.

As you might recall from our last coverage on the browser stats Safari 3.0 was capturing a majority of the Safari browser market share. Here’s a breakdown of Safari’s March stats showing how the four most popular versions differ from February:

  • Safari 3.0: 3.96% [down 0.60%]
  • Safari 3.1: 0.82% [up 0.82%]
  • Safari 41: 0.58% [down 0.12%]
  • Safari 31: 0.30% [down 0.03%]

As you can see a majority of the people using Safari 3.1 are those that have likely upgraded from previous versions. It will be interesting to see what the stats are like for April since Safari 3.1 will have had a full month to incubate on the computers. But it doesn’t look like the overall market share for Safari will not likely soar because of Apple installing the browser onto millions of ill-informed Windows computers. You can, however, bet the bank that Apple will be boasting how many computers it has been installed on.

[stats via Net Applications]