Safely eject drive

In Windows there is an option to safely eject a drive from the machine, but it’s not always successful nor is it very thorough. The free and portable ProEject tool tries to take it a step further by cleaning up all possible traces of the drive to make sure it isn’t being used anymore. It does things like make sure nothing is pointing to files from the drive in the “Run on Startup” section of the Windows Registry, in the recently opened shortcuts, the Quick Launch, pinned Windows 7 items, and the Windows Firewall.

This app can also be used with a batch file, and if you look at the included readme file you can get information on how it works. That can make things really convenient because if you are frequently ejecting the same drive you can create a batch file that ejects the drive in a quick click of the mouse. And since this is a portable app it will feel right at home on your USB drive.

ProEject Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)