Ever wondered what a Google Programmer makes in a years time? What about any salary for that matter.  Indeed.com has a salary search that gives you an estimate (key word) of what a salary might be for a particular job in a specific state or city. 

Their system is not completely error proof and of course as mentioned is just an estimate.  They calculate the salary based upon an index of salary information.  This information comes from job postings from a variety of sources in 50 million different professions. The results are updated every day which should provide you with an up to date estimate. It’s still in beta, but is fun to play around with nonetheless.

So, what are the results for Google/programming professions?

  • Google Programmer in California – $190,000
  • Google Programmer in New York – $232,000
  • Programmer in California – $65,000
  • Programmer in Chicago – $74,000

Other results:

  • Blogger in the United States – $39,000
  • Computer Engineer – $78,000
  • Geek Squad Computer Technician – $94,000 ?? what ??

I’m sure that some of the salaries included in their database are either highly inflated or well under the actual salary. It appears that the more specific you are with the position you’re inquiring about, the more accurate the average salary will be.

News Source: Google Blogoscoped

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  1. This is pretty cool!

    I see I am making quite a bit below the average in the new job that I am heading out for. :cry:

  2. Do these results factor in how many years of college the person had? I remember learning in economics, that 4 years of college would equate to around $70,000 average starting salary, but with 1 year of graduate school (5 years total)- the average starting salary would be something like $100,000. And with 2 years grad school, $120,000, and so on up to 8 years of school.

  3. Maybe you should go work for the Geek Squad then ;)

  4. Ryan wrote:
    Maybe you should go work for the Geek Squad then ;)

    8O You didn’t!!! ROFLMAO!!!

    Ummmm, I did work part time for Best Buy BEFORE they became the Geek Squad. I did not make anywhere near that amount. Drop off the 9 and that was more like it.

  5. I don’t believe the results factor in how many years of college a person has. That would probably make a difference. I reallly wouldn’t consider it to be “accurate”, it’s probably more of a ball park estimate which could have a lot of variables (such as education) affecting it. The Geek Squad salary definitely had me taking a double look. I imagine that one is a bit inflated! :roll:

  6. I’m sorry, but years of college don’t translate to skills the can make money. What matters more is WHAT you are learning in college. This can be influenced by the rigor you subject yourself to, the quality of the institution you attend, and the subject you choose to study.

    Google programmers obviously make much more than the standard ’4 year college degree’ because they actually learned useful skills and do things to change the world. Some lazy Liberal Arts majors might have a harder time getting money…

    With regard to the accuracy, I would definitely believe these numbers. From speaking with my friends, I found the average out-of-college (BS, not masters or PHD) salary at Google was somewhere from 90k-100k.

  7. I do not think the California C.P. is accurate. Under CA’s high level of living it’s quite difficult to accept. I have 5 friends working in California, none of them make so low yearly.

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