Ever wondered what a Google Programmer makes in a years time? What about any salary for that matter.  Indeed.com has a salary search that gives you an estimate (key word) of what a salary might be for a particular job in a specific state or city. 

Their system is not completely error proof and of course as mentioned is just an estimate.  They calculate the salary based upon an index of salary information.  This information comes from job postings from a variety of sources in 50 million different professions. The results are updated every day which should provide you with an up to date estimate. It’s still in beta, but is fun to play around with nonetheless.

So, what are the results for Google/programming professions?

  • Google Programmer in California – $190,000
  • Google Programmer in New York – $232,000
  • Programmer in California – $65,000
  • Programmer in Chicago – $74,000

Other results:

  • Blogger in the United States – $39,000
  • Computer Engineer – $78,000
  • Geek Squad Computer Technician – $94,000 ?? what ??

I’m sure that some of the salaries included in their database are either highly inflated or well under the actual salary. It appears that the more specific you are with the position you’re inquiring about, the more accurate the average salary will be.

News Source: Google Blogoscoped