Samsung's 4GB Flash Drive Will Eliminate PC DelaysFaster computers, faster memory, and faster graphics cards can only do so much when they are limited by the speed of your hard drive. Samsung’s 4GB Flash drive is looking to solve that issue and will be compatible with Windows Vista ReadyBoost (formerly Super Fetch). ReadyBoost offers users an easy opportunity to add read caches which can be as simple as inserting a USB drive.

If you are looking for some numbers then you’ll be happy to hear that a typical hard drive can serve 100-200 data requests each second but Samsung’s drive will be able to service up to 5000 requests per second! Samsung even goes as far to say that the drive can be used “to avoid the hundreds of annoying multi-second delays [users] experience every day when moving within and between frequently used applications.”

Even though all the numbers sound good it will be interesting to see how a user can actually install this into their system. Samsung has said that this “performance booster can be located virtually anywhere on the motherboard and is connected through the ATA port.” So it won’t be as easy as slapping something on to your USB port but it sounds like it would be as easy as upgrading your RAM.

News Source: TGDaily