file menu While Google’s Presentations application has been nice, it has been missing one important feature.  That feature is the option to save presentations in the PowerPoint format (PPT). Today that changes because Google now supports PPT files. This means that users will be able to open the presentations that they create with Google, in Microsoft’s PowerPoint. If there was any one feature that kept people from using Google’s Presentations, this was probably it.

As you can see to the right, to save your presentation as a PPT, just go up to the file menu and select “Save as PPT.” Once you select it, a box will pop-up with the option to open the file in Microsoft Office PowerPoint or save it to disk.

Remember that you can also import slides from PowerPoint as well which is another nice feature. You just click “Import slides” and then browse for the PPT file that you already have saved on your computer. Then you’ll be able to select the specific slides (or all of them) that you’d like Google to Import so that you can incorporate or edit them in Google Presentations.

The fact that Google now allows you to save your presentations in the PowerPoint format is pretty big because even Zoho, their biggest competitor doesn’t offer such a feature.

Thanks for the tip Omar!